R & D / Testing center

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As part of the Technoteile Group, the testing center is a professional organization engaged in the testing of auto parts and subsystems, which consists of four testing areas – performance/size testing area, materials testing area, structural dynamic endurance testing area and NVH testing area. The center owns the world’ leading testing equipment and its testing and detection capabilities maintain the leading level among numerous domestic auto parts enterprises.

The company introduced the ISO/IEC management system in May 2005, and its testing center passed the certification of laboratory testing capability issued by the National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment in January 2007.

Complete organizational structure, advanced testing equipment and technologies effectively ensure Technoteile has the qualified testing capabilities in fields of the parts performance of metallic and non-metallic materials, subsystems, and automotive assembly, and owns the third-party testing qualifications.

R & D / R&D introduction

Technoteile Group’s NVH R&D Center was founded in 2005, which is a professional R&D institution for automotive parts and subsystems. It has committed to continuous improvement of the engineering development and structural design capabilities for automotive parts and subsystems, provided systems engineering solutions for domestic and overseas automotive OEMs and enterprises, and promoted the development of world’s automobile industry and the independent R&D of automobile industry.

Technoteile NVH R&D Center has perfect system R&D capabilities and testing equipment, with the NVH design and development capabilities of automotive assembly system, subsystems and auto parts, all of which have been respectively entering the global auto synchronous development systems of international and domestic famous auto manufacturing companies , thereby implementing the synchronous development with international and domestic automobile manufacturers.

In addition, the NVH R&D Center is also responsible for the theoretical and technical guidance to product design, technical process, process control, and other aspects of Technoteile Group’s subsidiaries, providing Technoteile with strong technical support in the rapid development of automobile industry.

All along, Technoteile NVH R&D Center has always been “committed to the reduction of noise and vibration, caused by the power train, road condition and the wind constantly explored the NVH R&D filed in greater depth, and supplied first-class talents and advanced equipment, ensuring Technoteile ’s automotive technologies will be always at the frontier of industry development.